Central Sales Operations

Our Central Sales Operation (CSO) is an initiative undertaken to bring greater convenience and ease to our clients. By centralizing our consultancy and sales centre in JTB Asia Pacific’s group network, JTB is able to better integrate our services to provide efficient and reliable multi-country coordination. Our website also provides the suppliers and clients with the most up-to-date information and recommendations on various destinations.

We recognize that no two clients are alike and every individual traveler is important to us. Equipped with leading-edge technology, JTB Asia Pacific is able to organize these services across borders, in its vision to challenge the conventional notion of “travel industry” with “cross-cultural interaction industry”.

Our friendly and highly creative consultants partner you in your planning, thus enabling you to save significant time and convenience.

. Reservations and issuance of air and railway tickets.
. Visa application
. Travel insurance coverage
. Accommodations and meals arrangement. 
. Car rentals and Hire services for buses and limousines
. Tour route arrangement
. Creation of sample destinations
. Multilingual tour guide and interpretation services
. VIP support services